Ladies and Gentleman: Introducing The Bruffin.

The bruffin is one of the most delicious baked goods in the world. A meal in a muffin, breakfast on-the-go or a as the perfect late night dinner the bruffin satisfies every craving. With an every growing selection of international and seasonal bruffin options will keep your mouth watering as we chronicle the birth of a new foodie icon.


2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentleman: Introducing The Bruffin.

  1. A little note here.. Your address is nowhere to be found on this site. Can’t get to try your offerings if I don’t know where you are.

    1. Hello Michael!
      thanks for your note, As our website is being worked on which will also include an E-Shop for The bruffins. We’re also working on our brick and mortar location which will be revealed very soon. Please follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates (Facebook/The Bruffin)
      Right now you can find The Bruffins on weekends at Smorgasburg markets from Brooklyn flea:
      Our location is East River State Park, off Kent Avenue between N. 7th St. and N. 8th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (you can also enter 90 Kent Avenue to find us via online maps.)
      and Sundays:
      Our location is Pier 5 within Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn (you can also enter 304 Furman Street in your GPS).
      We’ll hope to see you soon!
      Thanks for your support!:)
      The Bruffin Team.

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